Village Condominium Association

Carbon Monoxide Safety

In November 2005, Governor Mitt Romney signed "Nicole's law" requiring all residential properties to install and maintain carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. Carbon monoxide alarm consumer guide information and carbon monoxide information can be obtained from the Watertown Fire Department or on their website.

There have been reports of some Carbon monoxide problems at the Village. Carbon monoxide can have different effects on people based on its concentration in the air people breathe. Because you can't smell, taste, or see it you can not tell that CO gas is present. The health effects of CO depend on the level of CO and the length of exposure as well as each individualís health condition.

The symptoms of CO poisoning include:

If you think you are experiencing any of the symptoms of CO poisoning, get fresh air immediately, leave your home. Then call your fire department and report your symptoms.

A deadly amount of CO can accumulate as a result of a blocked vent on the heating system.

The Board of Mangers requires requests for furnace replacement and unit owners must receive approval PRIOR to replacement. This will avoid installation problems and possible extra cost to the unit owner. Some high-efficiency furnaces can't be vented into our existing chimneys and require special exhaust pipes through the walls. These exhaust pipes can be potentially dangerous as well as unsightly. Furnaces require a certain volume of air space in the basement area for safe operation. Outside intake vents are not allowed. Unit owners must make the changes in the area of the furnace.

Nothing may be installed on the outside of the buildings without the prior approval of the Board of Managers. Chimney liners also require prior approval of the Board of Managers. The unit owner will be responsible for the removal of any unapproved addition and for any expense this entails.

Board of Managers