Village Condominium Association

Condominium Insurance/Homeowner's Insurance

The Association does not own your home nor is the association your landlord.

You may believe that the Association’s master insurance policy will cover all losses. This is a misconception. The Association can not assume liability for the losses of your personal property.

The thinking of some unit owners is that if damage comes from the common areas, the Association is somehow responsible for damage inside the unit. The Association is not responsible for the damage since the Association did nothing wrong – if a severe storm causes water to leak into a unit from any common area into the unit, the unit owner is responsible. This is according to Community Association Institute attorneys and insurance experts. The responsibility for the damage is the unit owner’s regardless of where the water originated.

The Association is only responsible for placing insurance covering the units (not personal property). Unit owners need to carry their own HO-6 condominium homeowner's insurance policy.

It is regrettable that you got water in your unit but you can not make your neighbors liable for your loss.

We have been looking at this problem for years (1978-present)

— Pat Gold