Village Condominium Association

Lead Paint

Effective April 22, 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set a new federal standard, pertaining specifically to lead paint, for all contractors who work on buildings built prior to 1978 and could possibly disturb old underlying lead paint.

The new standard requires that all contractors are certified in lead-safe practices and are registered with the EPA.

The greatest danger from lead hazards is from the dust from demolition, heavy sanding or grinding. We, CMG Painting, will not be doing any of this. We are not sure there is lead but given the year the Village was built we believe that lead does exist in some underlying areas.

I know the history of the Village and how well the paint has been kept up. I know the replacement materials used in the past 30 plus years. I believe that the lead hazard issues for the exterior painting is minor, but regardless, all paint debris will be handled and disposed of as a possible contaminant.

It is required by law that caution barrier and hazard signs be present in work areas. No one is to walk through the work area or on the plastic barriers, "drop cloths", etc., until the area has been cleaned of all debris and possible contaminants.

Dave Bennett
CMG Painting

April 22, 2010