Village Condominium Association

Rules, Policies and Standards for the Village Condominium Association Online Sites

The Village Condominium Association has adopted the following rules, policies and standards, which apply to the Village Condominium Association's chat line and any other social media venues that may be created for the Village Condominium Association.  All unit owners and others who use and participate in the social media venues must comply with the policies and standards herein.

  1. Users/members who violate the Association's policies and standards set forth herein are responsible for their own acts and comments and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Association and the Board of Managers for any claims, losses and damages including the Board's attorney's fees and costs which arise from the content or comments posted on the chat line or other social media venues which may be created.
  2. The chat line is intended to encourage open exchanges of information, but the positions and/or views expressed on the chat line do not represent the official position of the Village Condominium Association and the Association shall have no responsibility therefor.
  3. We prohibit negative, disparaging, defamatory or accusatory comments about individuals or entities.  We prohibit obscenities, profanity or comments or content that harasses or bullies other members/users.
  4. We prohibit publication of any untrue, confidential and/or potentially embarrassing information about owners, residents, employees or anyone else that may or may not violate their privacy rights or defame them.
  5. We have the right to remove comments and content that we deem to violate our standards for published comments and we will deny access to individuals who fail to respect and comply with our policies and standards for use.
  6. All content must be screened by the webmaster and the board of managers before it is posted and content deemed by us to be offensive, potentially libelous or otherwise inconsistent with the usage standards and policies set forth herein shall be removed forthwith.

Approved by the Board of Managers, Village Condominium Association
13 June 2011