Village Condominium Association

Rules and Regulations,
Master Deed and By-Laws

It is important for you as a unit owner to obtain a copy of the Master Deed, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations as soon you move into your unit. Your first copy of these documents can be obtained from the Village office at no cost. There is a charge for additional or replacement copies.

It is the responsibility of all unit owners to read these documents. These are the documents we live by. The Board of Managers has the responsibility to enforce and uphold these documents.

Some of our prominent by-laws are:

If unit owners want or need to replace their windows, doors, air conditioners or furnaces, written approval must be obtained from the Board of Managers before any work can commence.

No changes are allowed to the common areas. Common areas include attics, bulkheads, stoops, steps, outer walls and chimneys. The individual unit owner does not own these areas, among others.

According to the Master Deed and By-laws, all additions, alterations or improvements must have written prior approval from the Board of Managers before work may be started. No exterior changes, additions, structures, or projections can be erected, attached or placed upon any unit without this approval. These include antennas, chimney liners, patios, and vents.

It is important for all new unit owners to be familiar with the Village Condominium Association documents Master Deed, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations, as these are our governing documents. Copies are available at the Village Office, 36A Pierce Road, phone 617-923-1684. In addition, you should be familiar with the parking information (receive a sticker for your car and an assigned parking space), snow removal, and pool rules and regulations.

The Board of Managers consists of five unit owners, elected at the Annual Meeting held on the second Monday in May. They serve two-year terms. The Board of Managers is mandated by law to make all decisions on behalf of the Association and oversee all that is involved in managing the Village. They work together with the management company. The Board of Managers meets at the Clubhouse on the second Monday of most months at 7:00 p.m.

The Town picks up garbage and trash twice weekly from the dumpsters, located in the Village parking lots. If the closest dumpster is full, please use another one. Contact the office about the recycling toters and what can be put into them. White goods such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, water heaters, and stoves, as well as air conditioners and microwave ovens, cannot be put into dumpsters. After attaching a $20 sticker from the Department of Public Works, they can be left at the curb for pickup on Fridays. No tires, TVs, computer monitors, mattresses, furniture, carpets, remodeling materials or wood are to be put into the dumpsters. The dumpster could be rejected and we would have to pay a large fine. The unit owner responsible will be charged.

The following links are provided for informational purposes and may not represent the latest official version.

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